It's like listening to something really old. Like something that bubbled up from deep inside your bones. Something my great-grandfather would play. Familiar, but at the same time like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Totally unique and exciting.”

M’Gilvry Allen’s music is as unusual as his name. A versatile instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, M’Gilvry tailors a musical offering to virtually any project or venue. His sound has been described as a sonic kaleidoscope – a unique blend of stomp and groove guitar, looping vocal harmonies, and bursts of Scottish fiddle. His songs seem almost entirely improvised; never quite sure what the next tonal ingredient may be, the listener is drawn deeper into the textures and the raw sincerity of his voice. His dynamic live performances have a healing playfulness and a comforting weight, bursting with soul and asking the eternal questions.

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